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Rejuvenating workshop for Corporate

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Corporate Laughter Yoga
Corporate Laughter Yoga

Corporate Yoga: Yoga Divine Soul Conducted Yoga for the corporate world on the occasion of Yoga International Day, World Mental Health Day. Yoga Divine Soul also conducted Laughter Yoga for the Corporate world and Clubs.

Healing Yoga:

Tibetan Singing Bowl and HAPI Drum are the most sought-after Healing Tool in the modern world for stress management among employees and Business Leaders to improve productivity and growth.

Sound Healing Therapy Is Energy Medicine that promotes healing from stress disorders, pain, depression, and most forms of dis-ease.

Benefits :

• Reduce stress and anxiety significantly

• Deep relaxation

• Increase mental and emotional clarity

• Promote stillness, happiness and well-being, Aid the immune system

As businesses see how important it is to make an investment in their employees' well-being, corporate yoga, laughter yoga, and rejuvenating workshops are growing in popularity. What each of these methods implies and how people and organisations could profit from them are as follows:

1. Corporate Yoga: This form of yoga is practised in the office. Yoga poses, breathing exercises, Yoga Nidra, Sound Healing and Meditation are included in the job to aid employees in lowering stress levels, enhancing their physical well-being, and boosting productivity. Corporate yoga programmes can be customised to fit the demands and objectives of the business and its staff.

The following are some advantages of corporate yoga:

- Improved physical health, including decreased back pain, enhanced strength, and improved flexibility

- Less stress and tension, which improves concentration and productivity

- Increased self-confidence, job satisfaction, and teamwork abilities

- Increased originality and creativity, which improves problem-solving and innovation

2. Laughter Yoga: This form of yoga combines breathing techniques with intense, purposeful laughter. It is intended to encourage individuals to feel joy and other good sentiments. Laughter is a sort of exercise and a stress-reduction technique in laughter yoga.

Laughter yoga has the following advantages:

- Lower stress and anxiety levels

- The encouragement of joyful and contented feelings

- More vitality and energy

- Better cardiovascular and immune system wellness

3. Workshops for Rejuvenation: Workshops for Rejuvenation are intended to assist employees in recharging and renewing their energy levels, lowering stress levels, and increasing productivity. Workshops may include a variety of approaches, including yoga, breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, Sound Healing or self-care methods.

Rejuvenating workshops have the following advantages:

- Lower stress levels and increased mental clarity

- Increased productivity and performance at work

- Increased staff retention and job satisfaction

- Improved concentration and creativity

In conclusion, corporate yoga, laughter yoga, and revitalising programmes have a variety of advantages for businesses and staff members. They can improve physical well-being, lessen stress, boost morale, increase productivity, and generally improve employee well-being.

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